Private beach in Sainte-Maxime

The concept

Bivouak, the beach club with an enchanting ambience.

A timeless culinary and immersive experience in the memories of the Moroccan Atlas and Byzantium. In a pure setting, inspired by the Goreme landscapes, imagined as an oasis of vegetation.

With its superb swimming pool, the site also boasts a hundred deckchairs and five beds to make the most of a day totally immersed in nomadic civilization.

Bivouak Beach Concept - Beach bar Sainte Maxime

Journey to the shores of the Mediterranean

An initiation to culinary travel and sharing imagined by Chef Mohamed Cheikh. A convivial moment out of time.

A cuisine for sharing, enhanced by the cooking of fine products sourced and selected with respect for the seasons.

Products enhanced by cooking over the coals on the konros or on our cooking arches.

Products in all their states.

La Carte
Bivouak Beach Food - Beach bar Sainte Maxime

Le Bar Hestia

The bar, over eleven meters long and decorated like a cabinet of curiosities, is a central point of entertainment.

Here you can enjoy signature sharing pitchers such as Bissap and Cherbet, delicious mocktails to match the menu, and signature cocktails from our travels and discoveries in the heart of nature.

La Carte

The atmosphere

A modern ode to nomadic rituals.

A world of beliefs and traditions takes us into a moment of spirituality and communion. A day of bewitching, spiritual dj sets for festive days.

Bivouak Beach Ambiance - Beach bar Sainte Maxime